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General FAQs

Q: How do I know if we're a good fit?

A: It's important that we are on the same page, in terms of approach, needs, services and philosophies. I feel that the best way to find out if we're a good match, is to talk and/or meet. Get in Touch to book an in person initial consult, for birth and/or postpartum doula support. I also offer initial consults over the phone and/or email for all of my support services. 

Q: I'm really looking to find an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner, who has supported many families. I want someone who knows the ins and outs of prenatal, birth and the postpartum period. Is that you?

I have over 15 years of experience, supporting families in various capacities. I also have 3 years of experience being completely submerged in the world of pregnancy, birth and beyond. You can feel confident that I am able to support you. Learn more about me by reading my Bio.

Q: What are your fees and are they flexible?

We all find that having children really changes us dramatically in so many ways, including financially. I get it, I'm a parent too. The fees I offer are carefully worked out, so that I can offer the absolute best for you. Payment plans are an option for any family that needs some extra time. 

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

Please find out more by reading through my Service Details for more information on cancellations.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

Interac e-transfers are the easiest method of payment. I accept credit cards, through my website and card reader, but charges will apply. 

Q: How do I book appointments?

Get in Touch via email or phone. Or use my Appointment booking app. 

Q: What areas do you work in?

I am currently living in Toronto and taking clients living in the Uptown, Central, and East End of the city.

I offer online Sleep and Childcare Support to the entire city of Toronto and the rest of the world! I will soon be offering online Prenatal Education, as well, and this is open to anyone, anywhere! 


Q: I have a midwife and/or an OB and/or a doula. Do I NEED Childbirth Education classes?

Prenatal education is both similar and different to what your medical care providers will be offering. You will definitely find that some information overlaps. The key thing is that you will be offered dedicated time and space to go into the details. It's also a space to ask ALL of your questions. Importantly, it does not replace the role of your care providers or act as a medical resource. Rather, it prepares you, in depth, for birth and the postpartum period. Classes are also a way to meet other expectant parents and start growing your village! 

Learn more by reading my blog about Why Childbirth Education is Important.

Q: I've looked into a lot of different classes. How are yours any different or any better?

My classes offer a range of hands on experiences including:

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Physical movements - yoga, dance and more
  • Drawing, brain mapping and visualizations
  • Discussions and readings
  • A range of props to explore 
  • An extensive library of resources to explore

I offer specialty classes including:

  • Twins and higher order multiple specific classes
  • Grandparents and other caregiver classes
  • Sibling preparation classes
  • Second and third pregnancy specific classes
  • And more to be added soon!

I offer extras including:

  • Testing out power/lactation cookies
  • Learning how to make your own baby care products at home
  • Special care packs, filled with information and other goodies!
  • Follow up support, if needed

And importantly, I offer unbiased information offering you a range of perspectives on pregnancy, birth, and raising children. 


Q: What is a doula? And do I REALLY need one?

A doula can be a wonderful source of nurturance at ANY birth. The unbiased and unattached position of a doula, makes their support extra valuable. They are invested in your birth and deeply care for you, but do not have the same vested interested that family and medical care providers have. 

It has also been shown that doulas help to reduce the risk of dissatisfaction with birth experiences and help form a solid ground for healthy attachments in the postpartum stage. 

Read my blog All About Doulas to find out more about the roles of a birth and postpartum doula.

Q: I have a midwife, do I need a doula?

Doulas are non-medical care providers. Doulas do not perform ANY medical task. A midwife can act as a wonderful support during labour, providing a combination of medical and non-medical care. However, their primary role is the health of parent and baby, and delivery.

A doula provides emotional, physical and informational support, prenatally, during birth and in the postpartum stage. Doulas work COMPLIMENTARY to any medical care provider, including doctors, nurses and midwives. 

Q: I'm interviewing a handful of doulas. What makes you stand out?

  • I am experienced.
  • I  know Toronto and its resources extensively.
  • I have a range of specialties that compliment each other. 
  • I've been in your shoes.
  • I support you with ANY choice that you feel suits your family.
  • I support any type of family.
  • I genuinely care about helping families achieve birth and postpartum satisfaction.


Q: I'm x, y or z weeks pregnant or x, y, z weeks postpartm - is this a good time to find and hire a doula?

A doula is beneficial at any point during your pregnancy and at any point during the postpartum period. However, the earlier you hire me, the more support you'll get - my "on call" email and text support begins at hire. I also only take a limited amount of clients, each month, so that I can offer the highest care possible. Spaces do go quickly, so Get in Touch to book your spot.

Take a look at my Birth Doula Packages and Postpartum Doula Packages to see what will suit you the best. Extra hours can easily be added, to tailor the package to your specific needs.

Q: My partner/mother/other family don't understand the roles of a doula. What can I tell them to help them better understand?

Direct them to my blog post, All About Doulas. DONA also has a wealth of information on Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas, which they can explore to learn more.

Q: My partner is nervous! How can a doula help?

As a doula, I work to support the birthing or postpartum person and the entire new family. I do not replace any existing support. I offer reassurance and guidance for everyone, so that you all feel confident with your pregnancy, birth and beginning stages of parenthood. This is important, as you're laying the foundation for your family - I am only there for a snippet of time!

Ideally, prenatal meetings should involve your partner too. This is a chance for us all to get to know each other and to get fears/concerns/hopes out in the open. 

Q: Isn't a doula all about home and water births, aromatherapy and all natural choices? What if I want to birth in a hospital and use disposable diapers?

Not at all! I support any choices that you feel are right for you. Whether you're having a planned Cesarean Section or a VBAC, desiring an epidural or not wanting any medical intervention, bottle or breastfeeding, disposable or cloth diaper preferences I am there for you. I merely offer you evidence based information on all the options for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum stage, so that whatever choice you make, you are well supported. Importantly, all medical concerns should be addressed and approved by your medical care provider first.


Q: Will my baby eventually just learn to sleep on their own? Do I need support?

Yes, they absolutely will! However, our society is set up in a way that often doesn't respect the natural evolution of infant development, when it comes to sleep. Children do not start "sleeping like adults" until roughly the age of 3-4. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a long time. However, many challenges can arise that may require some extra insight, to ensure you're all getting the sleep you need.

Please Get in Touch if you are experiencing any concerns and want gentle approaches.

Q: How are you any different from all the Sleep Consultants and Trainers out there?

As a Sleep Educator I do not advocate any form of "sleep training" or "cry it out." My approach is holistic, and tackles not only your families sleep needs, but also addresses your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Please read my blog posts If Only We Were Sleep Camels...  and My Journey Into Sleep Education to find out more about my philosophy and approach. 

Q: I'm confused about the Attachment Theory approach. Do I need to carry my baby in a sling, never use my stroller, and breastfeed forever?

No, of course not. There is no right or wrong way to parent. Many practices that have come to be associated with "attachment parenting" are fantastic ways of encouraging bonding and sleep. However, you don't need to do them ALL the time. Attachment parenting is based on Attachment Theory, which essentially states that forming a strong bond between parents and children is elemental in shaping strong, independent and secure humans. You can read more about Attachment Parenting HERE and Attachment Theory HERE.

Q: What really is the concern with sleep training and cry it out?

In a nut shell, leaving a baby to cry, on their own, breaks the foundation of healthy attachment. It can form mistrust and create a high amount of stress, for both babies and their parents. Babies' brains are developing at such a rapid rate and every moment is impactful.

Dr. Sears has many good points and a variety of research on the subject. You can read his articles HERE and HERE.

Q: But I'm tired! And I want answers! Can you give me a step by step plan to follow so that we all can SLEEP?

There are many reasons why step by step plans just don't work. Rather than offer a cookie cutter plan, I will give you a range of strategies, that we develop and discuss together. Your "plan" will be completely customized to suit you and your family's needs. I also offer follow up support to answer any questions or concerns, soon after we meet, or further down the line. 


Q: I've never done yoga before, can I start now?

Absolutely! You can start yoga at any point in your life. However, it is recommended that you consult your medical care provider before starting any new form of physical exercise, particularly when you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, there are certain tips to consider before starting your practice. 

You can read a bit more about practicing yoga during pregnancy HERE or on my blog HERE. Please Get In Touch if you'd like more information.

Q: How is yoga beneficial for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period?

Yoga is beyond beneficial for any point in life, and that holds true for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum stage. You will find that it helps you on a physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and psychological level. Read more about the benefits of yoga HERE.

Q: What are the benefits of group classes? What about private classes?

In group classes you get to share your practice and it can be a bit more lively. It also gives you a chance to hang out with some friends. The cost of group classes is also lower.

In private classes your lesson is truly for YOU! You will have complete attention and personalized care.

Q: What's special about your style of teaching?

My style of teaching combines a wide range of yogic styles. They are well rounded, relaxing yet energizing and so much fun. I also offer hands on assists and a range of props. Each class is pre-planned (just for you!) and you can take the plan after class to continue your practice!


Q: I don't know how to stimulate my x, y, z month/year old! Can you help?

Yes! With a background as a teacher, specializing in learning in the Early Years, as well as a mother and doula, I am well versed in what children need. It is so difficult to navigate the plethora of resources out there to find the best ones for you. That's where I step in! I offer a health and wellness analysis of your family, and then a range of "plans" and supports, with hand selected resources just for you.

Q: The classes I've been going to are too busy and they're not age appropriate. What do you offer?

I offer small group or individual lessons. They really are catered to exactly what you're looking for. I always include a range of active, crafty/artistic/messy, literacy, numeracy, musical, dramatic and explorative activities, across a series of classes. My classes always take into consideration the ages and abilities of the class participants. 

Q: Where do your classes and support sessions take place?

I offer online support, via Skype or FaceTime. At the moment, classes are arranged in the comfort of your own home or the home of another participant. A permanent space is in the works. Stay tuned!

Q: I need a plan! Do you offer resources?

Of course! All of my lesson plans will be offered to you, following your lesson. I also offer a range of additional resources, references and referrals. 

Q: My child does not seem to be developing like their peers. Can you help?

I can help with an initial milestone assessment. However, I do not provide any medical support. Please see your doctor or pediatrician to address and find out more about any concerns you may have about your child's development. I can then work with you, alongside your medical advice. 

Q: Can I drop my children off with you and go run errands?

No. I am not a drop off centre or daycare. If this is what you're interested in, I can refer you to the appropriate places.