There's a wide range of information in these handouts, from conception to birth, infancy to early childhood, and more. Download any, and all, handouts that relate to you and your needs.

Prenatal Screenings birth doula Toronto

Find out all the details of tests that will be offered to you during your pregnancy.

Cloth diapers Toronto doula

A tip sheet on how to best care for your cloth diapers.

Sleep Educator Toronto

Download to better understand the ins and outs of newborn sleep.

Two awesome checklists on creating a safe and ideal sleeping environment, for the entire family.

  Credit to www.pennysimkin.com

Credit to www.pennysimkin.com

Penny Simkin offers a range of wonderfully useful articles. Check out her website to download any and all that apply to you.

SLEEP TIGHT Doula Toronto

A delicious recipe for a smoothie that will help induce a deeper sleep.

Baby Wearing Toronto doula

Learn the safest tips on how to wear your baby.

Staying Healthy pregnancy doula

Learn how to keep healthy during your pregnancy and beyond.

Birth Affirmations Birth Doula Toronto

Source some affirmations, to keep you grounded and strong through your birth and through parenthood.

C Sections Doula Toronto

Source the details of a planned and unplanned Cesarean section.


B.R.E.A.T.H.E and B.R.A.I.N can help you make more considered, informed and confident decisions about your birth.