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Online Resources - Prenatal & Birth

We are in an age of abundant information and it can be hard to know where to look online, for accurate and trustworthy information. Here are links, backed by research and perinatal health professionals, that you know you can trust.

Childbirth Connection. A wide range of print and visual information.

Evidence Based Birth. A range of evidence based articles covering pregnancy and birth.

International Cesarean Awareness Network. Evidence based information on cesarean sections and vaginal birth after cesarean sections (VBAC).

Mama Natural. A range of unbiased resources covering anything pregnancy related.

Motherisk. Helplines and clinics that offer information and guidance on teratogens (items that can cause harm) and pregnancy. Motherisk is run through Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto.

OMama. Online, Ontario based, resource, with information from conception to newborn.

Ontario Prenatal Education. A huge source of information on conception through to early parenthood.

Science and Sensibility. A Lamaze education blog covering all topics related to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Spinning Babies. Information and exercise to help create optimal space in the body, to help encourage a smoother birth for the birthing person and baby.

Toronto Public Health - Child and Family Health. Extensive information, covering all areas of family life. Includes links to prenatalbreastfeedingpostpartum mood disorder support programs, and more.

The Miles Circuit. A series of exercises that can help encourage labour and ease any discomforts.

The Mothers Program. Information on conception through to early postpartum. Includes articles, links, hotline numbers, and members forum.