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Prenatal and Childbirth Education

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"Kate Sissons' prenatal class was very informative and extremely interesting. She displayed knowledge and professionalism throughout, and her expertise in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond was extremely reassuring as an expectant mom. She eased many of my partner's stresses and anxieties as well and helped him understand his role in this journey. I definitely feel more confident about the impending birth and newborn phase upon completing this course.

There were several topics that stood out for me such as the importance of a support network, mindfulness and overall emphasis on options; there is no one-size-fits-all in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is important to follow our own beliefs and intuition and not feel pressured by society. So many useful topics were thoroughly covered, and I can't say enough wonderful things about this course. I highly recommend it to new and experienced expectant parents! Thanks again Kate!"

-Kristan and Loic, Toronto


"Working with Kate has been a truly unique experience. She is the most down to earth teacher who makes you feel so at ease and supported. She was able to draw on her own experiences with her children and family which really endeared me to her even more as we share so many commonalities in terms of our journey through motherhood. I felt like we were able to have a discussion as opposed to just being talked at. She is so incredible knowledgable and answered every question I had in the most thoughtful, comprehensive way. She is so understanding and caring. Kate puts a lot of thought into her teaching resources and I felt really special when I was with her. She made me feel at ease, empowered and confident in my abilities and my knowledge. I will continue to rely on Kate in the months and years ahead as our family evolves."

-Heather and Ryan, Toronto

Birth and Postpartum Doula Support

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"Kate's calm demeanour and strong consideration for my well being were a constant reassurance prenatally, during labour, and postpartum.

Her support throughout my pregnancy helped me to overcome many anxieties that I was dealing with, as I knew that having her by my side during my labour would provide me with all the confidence I needed to be strong.

Although I had a difficult labour, Kate supported me the whole time, telling me what a great job I was doing and that I should be so proud of myself. Having Kate at our labour also took a lot of pressure off my husband, Graham. They made a wonderful team, feeling me ice chips and giving massages."

-Amanda, Graham and baby Felix, Toronto


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"Kate was extremely supportive and helpful, in so many ways. My labour was a traumatic experience, encroached with postpartum depression. She was very helpful in processing my story and provided emotional support and external resources for my PPD. As a new parent, I was concerned with bathing, burping techniques, kangaroo care, breastfeeding and help with infant sleep. Kate was knowledgeable in all aspects and offered above and beyond her expertise via being on call with text, email and phone accessibility. She took great initiative in making care sure I was well-fed and maximized the time I had with her, so I could do simple tasks that I so easily forget, i.e. make breakfast and bottle feed or rock our baby to sleep, so I could shower or sleep myself. Kate also took care to help my husband, teaching him how to bathe our baby and carry her in a wrap. Thanks Kate!"

-Jesselyn, Hassan and baby Maya, Toronto


"Kate helped me ease back into my yoga practice, after the birth of my daughter. She had such depth of knowledge about postpartum recovery and gave me so much information as "homework". I would recommend that any pregnant or postpartum woman take a class with Kate!" 

-Rachel, Toronto, Canada

Sleep Support


"I had bed-shared and nursed my darling baby boy on demand, all day and all night, since the day he was born. But after nearly two years of waking up every 2 hours, or more, I was absolutely exhausted and very much missed sharing a bedroom with my husband. 

I was not interested in letting my son "cry-it-out" and didn't want to do anything that compromised my attachment parenting philosophies. We had previously hired a sleep coach whose "gentle" sleep strategies were nothing more than leaving him to cry himself to sleep and whose "customized" sleep plan was anything but. 

With the long-term goal of night weaning our son and moving towards independent sleeping, Kate worked with us on ways to slowly make this transition in a way that we felt comfortable with.

I could write page after page about what an unbelievably genuine, caring, down-to-earth woman Kate is. She is smart, sensitive, thoughtful, real. She gets it. She is a mum who is walking in my shoes.

I wasn't just a client to her. She took a vested interest in our family and provided us with the most thoughtfully personalized plan and truly helpful resources.

I didn't feel judged or intimated. Kate made me feel supported, appreciated and hopeful. She helped me see the light at the end of my sleep deprived tunnel and she has held my hand all the way through it. I would recommend Kate to any family in a heartbeat. She is a very, very special person."

-Heather, Ryan, and George, Toronto, Canada


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"I could not believe how extensive Kate's support was. Me and my husband were blown away by Kate's dedication. She helped us, not only with our sleep concerns, but also with so much more. 

She gave me tips on how to engage my 6 month old and so much information about childhood development. She also pointed me in the direction of wonderful resources. I would not hesitate to contact Kate again in the future, to support our family."

-Alex, Eric and Evan, Toronto, Canada


"Kate was a valued support member in changing our family's sleep dynamic. Her kind and thoughtful approach was much appreciated. We've made some small changes to our sleep routine, with big results. We are looking forward to continuing to implement her recommendations to further meet our family's sleep objectives!"

-Michelle, Logan and Ruby, Toronto, Canada