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The New Mom Doula Program

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 Parenting is inspiring, rewarding and moves us on a deep level. But, there is no sugar coating it - at times it's also a struggle. Finding the best in person, online and physical resources, is vital to positively setting up our parenting journey. 

When families enter parenting with limited knowledge of the health care system (or parenting tiny ones) or face barriers to accessing these resources, it makes the transition into parenting even harder. This is where the New Mom Project steps in. As a registered charity, located in Toronto, the New Mom Project supports families in need, with workshops, events, and a physical site where they can freely accept much needed baby and children's clothing and gear. 

This year I have teamed up with The New Mom Project, to initiate The New Mom Doula Program. Our aim is to provide vulnerable families who are expecting their first child in Canada, and that are currently using the services of The New Mom Project, access to doula support.

The overarching aim or our program is to build resilience, confidence, peer to peer connection, and in doing so, establish healthy foundations for families in need.

We believe that this upstream approach to maternal wellness can help curb rates of maternal and child ill physical and mental health, that are proven to be higher in newcomer and impoverished populations.

Every woman has the right to feel supported and have a positive birth experience.

We Need Your Help!

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❤️ If you’d like to offer financial support to our program you can offer monetary donations here.

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❤️ If you’d like to support our program through physical product donations get in touch here.

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❤️ If you’d like to join our program as a doula please fill in this form here.