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Birth & Baby Prep
to Oct 29

Birth & Baby Prep

This is not your standard prenatal class! It is a FUN, HANDS ON, ACTIVE and RELAXING series, that will leave you feeling confident, supported, and informed. It will nurture you through the rest of your pregnancy, and prepare you, and your family, for birth and the postpartum stage. 

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Pregnancy - physiology and health, exercise, relaxation and mindfulness and more.

  • Birth - signs and stages of labour, the physiology of birth, medicated and non-medicated coping mechanisms, setting up your birthing space, doulas and more. 

  • Postpartum - physiology and health, newborn characteristics, baby care (diapering, feeding, bathing, clothing), baby wearing, support networks and relationships and more.


  • You will learn how to make all natural diaper balm

  • We will make (and eat!) highly nutritional and delicious cookies

  • You will receive a special care pack

  • You will receive a whole range of handouts, booklets, and more

  • You will meet amazing people and help broaden your village

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