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Meet Your Team

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  • Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Infant Sleep Educator

  • Breastfeeding Educator

  • Infant Mental Health specialist

Aidan Black-Allen

Working with children and families has always given me tremendous joy and purpose, whether in a teaching, coaching or supportive position for over  10 years. I first felt a calling to become a doula while pregnant with my daughter and this passion was solidified by what ended up being a traumatic birthing experience.  I want my clients to be able to look back at their birthing day with warmth, knowing that their choices were respected at every stage. I strive to support my clients in however they want their birth story to unfold, to educate them on their options and to help them advocate for the birthing stories and lives that they want for their children. I truly believe that we can remove the fear around birth, and help parents reclaim their own power and confidence prenatally, during birth and beyond.

As a sleep educator my main focus is helping you find solutions that work for your own family. I do not have “rules” that you must follow, and fully support co-sleeping and breastfeeding at any age (if that’s what works for you!) Together as a team we choose strategies that will help get the most sleep for everyone in the family and take into account both your short term and long term goals.

When you decide to work with me you can rely on an empathetic, non judgemental, holistic approach. I am honoured to be invited into your space during these pivotal points in your life.

Ruth Ruttan

I have been teaching people to move and become more self aware for over 25 years. Through the Pilates method, bodywork and dance I have enjoyed instructing and watching many bodies change, stay functional and become powerful humans. My personal movement practice and body-awareness was a huge asset when I gave birth to each of my three children. As was the incredible support team that encouraged me through each pregnancy to parenthood journey.

I know how deeply the birth experience impacts families and I want each person I work with to have a story that they love to tell. Whether I am working with you through a Pilates practice to prepare you for labour and birth, as your Doula or both, my goal is always to help you create support. Create support within your body by building muscular balance, good posture and strength. To create support as your Doula with information, emotional and physical support, all the while respecting your intuition and choices.

Education is at the centre of my approach, both for my clients and myself. I believe that knowledge is power and that informing our minds and bodies will help build an extraordinary life.

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  • Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Childbirth Educator

  • Infant Sleep Educator

  • Breastfeeding Educator

  • Master Instructor Balanced Body

  • Education Director, Retrofit Pilates

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  • Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Childbirth Educator

  • Breastfeeding Educator

  • HypnoBirthing Support Practitioner

  • Rebozo Certified

  • Bereavement Doula

Ashley Harrison

Hi, I’m Ashley, your friendly neighbourhood doula, photographer, and educator.

I came into this line of work through my own birth experiences, though I’ve always had an interest in pregnancy and birth, even before I wanted kids of my own. I truly believe that birth is a pivotal moment in a human’s life, and that feeling informed and empowered can make all the difference to how someone feels about their birth experience. My philosophy is simple: every person, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual preference, has the right to make informed and evidence-based decisions about their reproductive, birth, and parenting choices, without judgement. 

I bring personal and professional experience to every family and every birth. I’ve had both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies, midwifery and OB care, a vaginal birth and a cesarean section. I’ve experienced devastating loss and absolute joy in my birth journeys. My experiences have made me honour, appreciate, and respect the birth process, and through it all I bring love, compassion, and a bit of humour to everything I do.

My ultimate goal when you work with me is that you feel respected, loved, and supported throughout our time together, and that you feel empowered by your birth experience, no matter how it may unfold.