To a truly holistic and individualized system of care, for you and your growing family. By choosing our support, you will be thoroughly prepared and nurtured, through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Choose to surround yourself in warmth and knowledge. We are here to hold your hands and help guide you through these early days.


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Prenatal Support & Education 

Support sessions and classes are fun, active, and deeply informative. You and your family will be engaged, inspired and fully prepared for your journey into parenthood. Sessions are personalized and designed for any growing family.

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Birth Doula Support

Every family deserves a doula. Regardless of your choices and preferences, a birth doula ensures that your birth is supported, with specialized and in depth care.  Your birthing day will be one that you cherish forever.

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Postpartum Doula Support

The postpartum period is a stage where rest and care are essential, for physical, emotional, and psychological well being.  A postpartum doula supports you, your baby and your family, so that you are all able to thrive in the days, months, and years to come.

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Sleep Education

Sleep is paramount to our health. Sleep Education will help you understand the science behind infant and toddler sleep and how everyone can obtain more of it! This service is available prenatally and well into childhood.

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Yoga helps align our bodies, minds, and our breath. Classes will make you feel rested and nourished, in a holistic way. Yoga benefits every member of the family at any stage.

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Caregiver & Child Support 

Learn how to engage your children, in ways that will expand and enrich them. Activities are stimulating and age appropriate. They're also fun for caregivers!

Educating, inspiring, and nurturing families in Toronto, ON (in person) and across the world (virtually).

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